La Mancha Road Resurfacing

Beginning this month, Ponce De Leon Street in Royal Palm Beach will have its base rebuilt and then be resurfaced. Portions of northern Ponce De Leon Street will have underdrain pipe installed adjacent to the roadway, which will require the removal and replacement of small sections of select driveways.

Special parking instructions will be provided by the contractor to residents adjacent to underdrain installation. Sidewalk curb ramps found to be ADA-deficient will be removed and replaced with ADA-compliant curb ramps.

La Mancha Avenue will have its base rebuilt and then be resurfaced, along with improvements to ADA-deficient curb ramps.

Intermittent road closures are anticipated. The contractor will notify residents when work is approaching their area. For the safety of residents, workers and vehicles, do not park on or adjacent to the road during these times.

The project will be complete by mid-November.