Letter: Cheesman Is The People’s Choice

Please vote for Maxine Cheesman, “the People’s Choice” for Circuit Court Judge, Group 18.

The election is upon us, and a record number of first-time voters have registered to vote and impact the election nationwide.

Here in Palm Beach County, we eagerly anticipate a resounding victory for Maxine Cheesman in the Group 18 race. Two very important factors are, one, she is the most qualified, and, two, and most important of all, she is the people’s choice.

Qualified means competent and fit for a position/purpose. This is a perfect description of Maxine Cheesman. It comes as no surprise that she was endorsed by the Palm Beach Post and Sun-Sentinel newspapers, county commissioners Mary Lou Berger and Mack Bernard, former county commissioner Jess Santamaria, Salesia Smith-Gordon (former chair of the Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics), Lawerence Gordon, Royal Palm Beach Mayor Fred Pinto and many other mayors in Palm Beach County.

I urge voters to vote early and vote wisely. The candidates are as different as night and day. However, there is a slight similarity in the names Cheesman vs. Coleman, so please “say cheese” before you vote. Don’t let an optical illusion or delusion lead to confusion.

Opponent Marybel Coleman stumbled badly, and her failure to disclose leaves a bad taste in the mouth of many voters. She ignored voters’ awareness and should have graciously withdrawn from the race, wait for the dust to settle, then run again in a few years when voters would be more receptive to her.

Maxine Cheesman was the winner of the Aug. 28 election and will be the winner again Nov. 6, but she cannot do so without your vote.

Her success tomorrow depends on your vote today. A vote for Cheesman today is a vote for a better circuit court tomorrow. So I urge the voters of Palm Beach County, to your own self be true, and vote for Maxine Cheesman when only the best will do.

Karl Witter, The Acreage