Letter: Gerwig: Vote No On Amendment 1

In the upcoming November election, you will be asked to vote on several constitutional amendments. Amendment 1 is particularly problematic for local governments. It is described as a tax cut, but it is more accurately described as a tax shift. It makes a complicated tax scheme even more complicated by giving an additional homestead exemption for a home’s value from $100,000 to $125,000.

What you need to know is that this was put on the ballot by Tallahassee politicians, but does not affect them, it only affects local governments — cities and counties. It is another “gift” to local government, along with the many other unfunded mandates, that Tallahassee passes onto us. It picks winners and losers, and according to Florida Tax Watch, it harms way more than it helps.

The legislature even considered the fact that some counties will be unable to provide needed services if Amendment 1 goes into effect, and they intend to give some areas state tax dollars to help offset the harm. One of those counties will not be Palm Beach County, and it will further the situation of us being a donor county — giving much more than we receive.

This amendment will shift the tax burden to those who do not qualify for the additional exemption, including renters, and those with homes assessed at less than $100,000, along with local businesses. I urge you to reach out to your local elected officials about this tax shift and get your questions answered before Nov. 6, and vote no on Amendment 1.

Mayor Anne Gerwig, Wellington

Editor’s note: Ms. Gerwig is the president of the Palm Beach County League of Cities.