Letter: Marybel Coleman Best Choice For Judge

On Nov. 6, voters will head to the polls, and in addition to voting for governor, attorney general and many other races, there will be four judicial races on the ballot. In Group 18, candidate Marybel Reinoso Coleman is the clear choice. I have known Marybel for many years, as she is a longtime resident of the western communities. Marybel is a 47-year resident of Palm Beach County who grew up in Lake Worth. She was born in Cuba, and her family lawfully immigrated here when she was four years old so she could have a better life and enjoy the freedom that sometimes we take for granted.

Marybel’s father worked for Atlantic Sugar for more than 30 years as a maintenance supervisor in the Glades. From these humble beginnings, Marybel learned the value of hard work, compassion and integrity.

Marybel has been an attorney in our community for more than 25 years and has practiced in all five circuit court divisions. She started her legal career as a prosecutor and for 10 years prosecuted murderers and child molesters, among others. Marybel then went on to practice civil law for seven years and has owned her own family law practice in the Village of Royal Palm Beach for the last eight years. She is a mom, a stepmom and very active in the western communities, both through her children and her civic involvement.

Marybel has been nominated three times by the local Judicial Nominating Commission for a judgeship. In her legal career, Marybel has tried more than 200 jury and bench trials and handled more than 3,500 total cases. Marybel’s opponent, Maxine Cheesman, by contrast, has only been practicing law for 13 years and according to Clerk of the Court records, has handled less than 200 cases in her legal career. She has tried only two jury trials.

Ms. Cheesman likes to tout her scientific experience, but by her own admission, she has not once handled a case having anything to do with the environment, land use, algae, etc. as an attorney. It is my opinion that Ms. Cheesman is trying to take political advantage of the algae situation in our county, when, in reality, that is a federal issue that will be handled in federal courts or by administrative bodies. Experience counts in every profession, and our judiciary is no exception. On Nov. 6, please vote for Marybel Reinoso Coleman, the most qualified candidate in Group 18.

Tamara Cook, Royal Palm Beach