Letter: Why Not Reschedule A Meeting?

Editor’s note: The following letter is response to the letter “Too Many Holidays?” by Tim Hart-Woods, published Sept. 21.

No one should condone a letter which holds false premises to be true. It appears another voice has raised non-issues, not unlike the ones that are dividing our country.

Whether by design or ignorance, Mr. Hart-Woods uses “if” illustrations that lack substance in truth.

I have worked with and have grown many friends over the years among Hindus, Muslims and Jews, many of whom have served our great nation in time of war, and they are aware of the subtle animus that exists among many poorly educated and poorly integrated Americans.

We certainly don’t need any more letters of division — Washington has a lock on that job!

Your examples of “what if” are poorly selected as examples, as is much of your argument. For, in actuality, I have read of no groups you mentioned making demands, and for the sake of argument, if enough members of the board were in such groups you mentioned, what would be the big deal in rescheduling a meeting for whatever reason?

If the people mentioned can go to war to protect us, why would it be a problem rescheduling a meeting? Mr. Hart-Woods, you have a right to your own opinion, but not your own facts!

Richard Nielsen, Royal Palm Beach