Letter: Cheesman Best Choice For Circuit Judge

Maxine Cheesman, a candidate for Circuit Court Judge – Group 18, was the winner of the recent Group 18 primary. She is a solo practitioner practicing in real property, fair housing, bankruptcy, foreclosure, probate, employment, family, construction and contract law. She earned her law degree at Nova Southeastern University and her master’s of science degree in organic chemistry from the University of Miami.

In addition to her legal background, Maxine has more than 25 years of experience as a scientist, chemist and hydrogeologist, which better prepares her to preside over complex scientific and environmental cases dealing with issues like the Ag Reserve, the algae crises and water quality. The mental discipline that makes a good scientist also makes a good jurist: logical, methodical, analytical and impartial investigator of fact, open-minded and self-disciplined.

Graduating cum laude in 2004, Maxine has practiced law for the past 14 years. She is a recent recipient of the “Fair Housing Champion Award” for 2018 and the “And Justice for All Pro Bono Award” in 2012 from the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County. She has been endorsed by more than 20 current and former elected officials, numerous attorneys, officers and directors of various bar associations and civic organizations, as well as the Palm Beach Post and the Sun-Sentinel.

With an impeccable record in the practice of law, as a former director with the South Florida Water Management District and as a community leader, Maxine has dedicated her professional and personal life to serving her community and protecting the environment. She and her husband have been residents of Palm Beach County for 23 years. As citizens, we have an opportunity to elect the most qualified candidate based on her résumé, academics, demonstrated personal and professional ethics, and good judgement over many decades as a resident of our county.

We need to elect circuit court judges like Maxine Cheesman. A vote for Maxine is a vote for the future of your community. Vote for Maxine Cheesman in Group 18. Remember, just “say cheese.”

Horace Cunningham, Royal Palm Beach