Frontier Elementary Supports Treats For Troops

Safety patrol members with the candy behind them.

The Frontier Elementary School safety patrol members believe in serving their school, community and country.

One of their November service projects was to support Treats for Troops. The patrols, with Safety Patrol Co-Sponsor Sherrie Dulany, promoted the collection of Halloween candy from the students. Frontier students donated almost 200 pounds of candy from their trick-or-treat stashes for the collection.

The Publix at Ibis heard about the effort, which got the ball really rolling.

The store reached out to all of the stores in the district and got involved with the project. Frontier was contacted and almost 600 pounds of candy was donated from 10 local Publix stores.

Altogether, approximately 650 pounds of candy made its way to the post office, thanks to teachers, volunteers and box sponsors for them to ship it to Soldiers Angels, the sponsors of the candy drive. The candy will be sent to active troops in the field. Other boxes went to the local Veterans Administration facility for distribution.

“It was extremely heartwarming to see students coming in every morning with candy they had trick-or-treated for and just handing it over because they wanted it to go to our troops,” Dulany said. “Is there anything more rewarding than teaching our kids to help others? Our world needs more kindness, and at Frontier, we are trying to do our part.”