Letter: Amendment 13… A Greyhound’s Response

Mr. Pat Rooney and his family have profited greatly since 1969 when they purchased the Palm Beach Kennel Club. Ownership requires moral culpability. If he profits, he surely must answer for the ills, too. Tens of thousands of dogs die due to greyhound racing, but the majority die because they haven’t won in their first few races and are not worthy of life — killed because they can’t make money for gamblers, breeders and Rooney.

Statistics have shown that racing greyhounds is not making any money any more, but due to antiquated rules for gambling, greyhound racing must be on the site. Once again, it is about money — not the quality of life of us dogs.

Now let me tell you how I live between races, 21 to 23 hours a day in a cage, mostly without human involvement, just staring through the bars. There is very little human compassion for us, just caged and lonely. Mealtime, we eat raw meat, no kibble, so that our teeth suffer, and later in life often rot and cause issues. When we do race, often my friends are injured, and rarely do I see them again. I can only assume they are killed for being unable to make money for our masters.

I know that this cruel sport is outlawed in many states and countries because of the cruelty involved. Please vote yes on Amendment 13 to free us from being used to make money with zero benefits for us. We are pack animals, man’s best friend. Why would you cage us for most of our lives and then destroy us when we cannot make money for you? We are innocents. Rooney and his family are not!

I was shocked to read a recent letter from Pat Rooney. Look closely, and it is all about making money; not a single word about our lives. We deserve freedom to live a life outside cages, because as domesticated dogs, we are social animals, and a lifetime of being caged is torture for us.

Truth is, my master wouldn’t even vote for any in the Rooney family, because they know our suffering. Vote yes to get rid of greyhound racing! We do not need to be born into slavery.

Thanks from Cody, Bailey and Hunter (greyhound survivors).

George Unger, Wellington


  1. Mr. Unger is so full of nonsense I won’t even begin. But I’ll just ask an obvious question. Does it make sense to have Greyhounds live a life of caged torture when you want them to physically perform?

    Or better yet, have you ever read a letter from George that was factual?

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