Letter: Congratulations To Cheesman

Congratulations to Maxine Cheesman, the people’s choice, on her resounding victory with 59 percent of the vote in the Nov. 6 election for Palm Beach County Circuit Court judge in Group 18. She had the right and best credentials, class and charisma, and ran a dignified, well-coordinated campaign.

Her campaign was a glorious distraction from the absolutely disgraceful events happening across America. Let’s face it, we live in a sick society and steps should be taken now to address this serious problem before it reaches epidemic proportions. Let’s be pro-active and not reactive; this insanity must stop before we as a nation self-destruct and become the laughing stock of the rest of the world.

Hatred, racism and hypocrisy have no place in a civilized society. Our leaders/politicians and voters should stop blaming each other, stop the inflammatory rhetoric, insults, lies and encouragement of physical violence. Not only should they/we look in the mirror, but they/we should also clean up our act and try to behave in a decent, civilized manner.

The midterm madness and election results goes to show just how divided we are as a nation and that many voters are still easily brainwashed. Regardless of your political affiliation, we should not be afraid to hold our politicians accountable as our “public servants.” Please do not condone hatred or any form of discrimination or violence. Remember, love is long, but life is short. Try to embrace diversity.

Let’s get back to magnificent Maxine, our circuit judge-elect. While we celebrate her emphatic victory, we should not forget how negative and unethical her opponent was, and the outrageous behavior of some of her supporters.

It is OK to saturate the Supervisor of Elections Office and other areas of Palm Beach County with signs, but to remove many of Cheesman’s signs, including one from my property, is quite deplorable — shame on you.

Signs play a part in elections, but they don’t win them. Money plays a part in elections, but does not guarantee success. Just ask billionaire Jeff Greene, who invested tens of millions in the governor’s race and received less than 10 percent of the vote…

During the election, I had the pleasure of meeting Laurel Bennett, who ran unsuccessfully for Florida State House District 86. Her knowledge and commitment to veterans’ affairs is quite astonishing. I am sure we haven’t heard the last of Laurel — keep up the good work. To all veterans and their families, especially the families of the fallen, I salute you all. “We are the land of the free because they were brave.”

Finally, I wish to acknowledge all who voted for Maxine, also her indefatigable volunteers — kudos to you all. Special mention to former Commissioner Jess Santamaria, aka the perpetual fearless voice of the people, Vinnie and June Perrin, and Dr. Winston and Rhonda Ferrin-Davis.

Last but not least, my profound appreciation to the Town-Crier newspaper for giving us in the western communities the opportunity to voice our opinions.

Karl Witter, The Acreage