Letter: Big Thanks To Troop 125

The Town-Crier recently ran an article noting that Troop 125 has been selling Christmas trees at St. Peter’s United Methodist Church for more than 20 years. Since my wife, Louise, was in medical rehab recovering from a hip operation, I wanted to make sure the house was bursting with Christmas cheer when she would come home Sunday, Dec 9 — my birthday.

When Brian, my driver/friend, and I pulled up and I got out of the car, Scout Jonathan offered to assist me. I had a stroke eight years ago, which impaired the right side of my body, being partially paralyzed, and I was not steady on grass footing. We picked out a beautiful, six-foot tree, had it measured and cut to fit the stand, paid and left a tip. Then Cindy, Jonathan’s mother, and his brother Jeffery, offered to follow us home, about three miles, and bring the tree into the house and set it upright.

When we got to the house, Cassi, our standard poodle, greeted all of us, along with the parrots and other birds. They saw pictures of our children, and I told them our daughter, Louisette, was once Miss Wellington. It was a short and pleasant visit, and we left as new friends of Boy Scout Troop 125. Since then, the Christmas tree has been decorated by Debbie in time for Louise’s arrival.

Again, thank you to Troop 125 for your friendship and great Christmas spirit you extended to us and everyone else.

Bob Geiss, Wellington