Letter: Developer Greed Hurts Quality Of Life

It’s very difficult to write whilst dabbing the tears from mine eyes. All these developers have me sobbing about insufficient apartments and homes in Wellington, that they — from a purely altruistic and philanthropic bent — want to provide new dwellings for, that they wish to build for these possibly homeless/house-less people.

Instead of various preserve and conservation sites, they wish more cement and stone, some up to four stories high.

So goodbye golf courses, clear land and a nice club, and hello to more zoning changes (it brings up the property value). Hello to more congestion, goodbye to trees and grass, and hello to hundreds/thousands of more people.

Yes, our dear Wellington is almost built out, but are we going to change zoning willy-nilly to please developers who plead insufficient housing in furtherance of their greed? I wonder if a single one of them resides near four-story buildings in their own residential communities?

We need to carefully wend our way here, not rush into things that in the long run will be aesthetic eyesores, too much high density, and negatively affect quality of life here.

We don’t need more apartments or “for the super-rich” four-story dwellings for the seasonal visits during our equestrian season. We need to keep Forest Hill clean/green upon entering Wellington, keep South Shore green alongside the roadway to our Equestrian Preserve, and we shouldn’t clutter our existing maze/labyrinth of roadways at the mall with more apartments at the expense of our attractive and natural preserve/conservation areas alongside Forest Hill Blvd.

We don’t need Wellington to mimic Miami and so many other unplanned cities. That’s why I like to call Wellington a “village.” It seems nicer, warmer and friendlier.

George Unger, Wellington


  1. Another childish letter from George that instead of getting to the point and identifying specific problems he writes for his own self-satisfaction that is a low threshold to achieve.

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