Letter: Protect Quality Of Life In RPB

When my husband and I chose to move to Royal Palm Beach, we did so because it was a village — a quiet, peaceful place for families to live and enjoy life. After 25 years of living here, we are no longer living in a village, but instead we are living in a city.

One housing development after another has been built, bringing thousands more people to Royal Palm Beach. Currently, there is another huge development in progress at the northern end of Royal Palm Beach, and now, in addition, there is a proposal for the Village Green Project — a 450-unit residential development to be built on the Village Golf Club.

Royal Palm Beach is bursting at the seams! Our main roads — Okeechobee and Royal Palm Beach boulevards — cannot be widened, so traffic is unbearable. Our stores and schools are inadequate and, unfortunately, we are experiencing a rise in crime, just to mention a few of the problems that increased population is bringing to our city.

Along with these and other negative impacts, there is one other very important item to consider. If the Village Green Project is approved, this 450-unit development will take away half of the Village Golf Club. Yes, I’m sure that golfers will be upset but, like myself, if you are an animal lover, this project will take away half of the habitat for the many species of birds and other animals that live on the golf course.

With so many developments being built in Royal Palm Beach, all of the wooded areas have been destroyed. The Village Golf Club is the last home for blue herons, cranes, eagles, possums, raccoons, turtles, fish and other birds and animals to live. This is their home. Don’t take this away from the animals. They have no other place to go, and many of them will most likely run out on to roads and lose their lives. Don’t let this happen to our animal friends!

Help us to oppose the Village Green Project and request the Royal Palm Beach Village Council to also reject this proposal and support the people — and animals — who have made Royal Palm Beach their home.

Jean Sadoff, Royal Palm Beach