Letter: Support For Shorr, Danowski And El-Ramey

The U.S. Constitution starts out with three very important words: “We The People.” Our founding fathers wanted these words to stand out from the rest of the Constitution because these words represent the cornerstone of not only the government of the United States of America, but all of the governments within the commonwealth. As our country grew and new state and local governments were established, this document grew with us giving direction and guidance to our elected officials.

It’s that time of year in Loxahatchee Groves when “We The People” vote for our town officials to lead us. “We The People” expect that our elected officials will spend taxpayer dollars wisely and not waste our money. “We The People” expect that our roads and other infrastructure within our town will be maintained and that taxpayer dollars would be reinvested within our town to improve our quality of life.

In the last year, what has happened in Loxahatchee Groves for “We The People?”

The town’s millage rate increased so that more work could be done to repair our roads, yet our paved roads are in disrepair and our dirt roads are hard to navigate due to sugar sand, bumps or washouts, yet the town black topped and stripped the town hall parking lot, while 300 feet away, F Road was and is degrading by the day.

The town’s solid waste assessment was increased so that all of us could get garbage cans that “We The People” didn’t need in the first place. The reason for this was because the town was moving to automated service, but the same trucks are still picking up the garbage the same way as has been done out here for the last 30 years.

The water control district was taken over by the town with the promise that there would be no more duplication of administrative and legal services, thus saving money. The council raised the district assessment more last year than in the last 10 years combined. There is a district manager, and legal expenses have stayed the same. Last year, the council sold a road grader that was in good shape and that they owned free and clear, only to purchase a brand-new grader that the town is making payments on.

So I ask you, what has Todd McLendon and Anita Kane done for us? Higher taxes and assessments while decreasing the level of services. This Tuesday, let’s give Robert Shorr, Laura Danowski and Lisa El-Ramey a chance to represent “We The People.”

Frank Schiola, Loxahatchee Groves