Genbu-Kai Students Bring Home Honors

Eugene Ryzhikov and Lester Vasquez, students of Genbu-Kai Florida, recently traveled to Santa Ana, Calif., to compete in the 48th annual International Goodwill Karate-Do Championships. Competitions were offered in karate, kobudo (Okinawan weapons) and batto-do (Japanese sword). Divisions were in kata (forms), kumite (sparring) and tameshigiri (cutting with the sword). Ryzhikov placed first in adult weapons sparring, while Vasquez placed second in individual cutting. Genbu-Kai Karate is located in the Wellington Marketplace. For more information on classes, call (561) 804-1002 or visit Shown above are (L-R) Eugene Ryzhikov, Sensei Keith Moore and Lester Vazquez.