Wellington Author Pens Poetry Book

Little Dill cannot hear, speak or see, but communicates better than most. In 31 poems, he creates alter-egos and friends that become everything he wishes he could be, and at the same time teaches his imaginary friends everything they need to know about the most basic elements of human existence: respect, love, forgiveness, perseverance and fear.

A Series About Little Dill was penned by author Gregory Gidman, a Wellington resident who is a seasoned educator with more than 30 years of experience teaching in diverse settings. He currently teaches in the Palm Beach County School District.

As Gidman reflects on the process of developing this educational book over the past five years, he explained, “More and more, I believe the poems and topics are related to our condition as humans. Little Dill provides the perfect representative of the disappointments, challenges and successes we all share throughout our lives.”

This series was born in the 24-hour darkness of the Canadian High Arctic while the author taught in Inuit communities. The loneliness and isolation he experienced can be felt in the character of Little Dill, a child with disabilities. Little Dill does not see himself as a victim but overcomes his limitations through the creation of imaginary friends and a keen sense of hope.

Visit www.littledillbook.com to learn more about the poetry series, which consists of a stand-alone poetry book, as well as a poetry book and conversation guide, which is a perfect resource to fulfill the poetry requirement in any language learning curriculum. The purchase of the book includes online access to a full audio versions of the poems.