Artist Kole Trent To Paint Mural At Wellington Green

Artist Kole Trent in front of his huge future mural space in the Mall at Wellington Green.

Only a few months after completing a successful mural project at Wellington Landings Middle School, Cocoa Beach artist Kole Trent is back in Wellington to create one of the largest pieces of artwork in his career.

From Monday, May 20 through Friday, May 31, Trent will transform a 20-foot-by-60-foot wall space at the Mall at Wellington Green.

The entire community is invited to visit and observe this unique project come to life, with the artist on site Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Not only is it free to the public to visit and enjoy the artistic process up close and personal, but the Trent Art Gallery is adding to the fun.

“We plan to give away prizes during the artwork’s creation. People can visit our Facebook page for more details as the project progresses,” said Kyle Trent, operations manager for the Trent Art Gallery and the artist’s brother. “Eventually, there will be an information map and tour guide for all of Kole’s projects during this mural tour.”

While Trent’s mural tour has already been to the area, there are big plans for other sites around South Florida.

“A big part of the summer tour is an upcoming project that includes eight to 10 large murals in downtown Cocoa Beach,” Kyle Trent said. “We are prolonging the tour as long as people continue to give us walls to paint.”

Trent’s work often carries a marine theme that includes creatures such as sea turtles and jellyfish. Lately, his work has embraced bold colors and stylized images inspired by the floral side of nature.

With Wellington’s strong ties to the equestrian community, the giant mural at the mall will include a horse-related theme, but Trent is not giving much else away.

The exhibit is semi-permanent, as the long-term plans for the space could change down the line. The public is encouraged to come out to watch the work develop, take advantage of opportunities to meet with the artist, and become a part of this unique display unlike anything else in the area.

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