Jordano Insurance Expands To Offer Home And Auto Policies

Keith Jordano of the Jordano Insurance Group.

After 30 years in the business, independent agent Keith Jordano is still going strong and looking forward to getting back to his roots, helping clients navigate the world of insurance. Recently, the Jordano Insurance Group expanded its services to assisting with home and auto coverage.

“With all the changes to healthcare, I felt like it was time to jump back into the market of home and auto — which I love,” Jordano said. “With this type of product, there is a lot more servicing to do, but that’s OK, because more than anything, I like helping people. That is why I’m in the business.”

Living and working in the western communities for the past 20 years, Jordano is rooted in the area he serves. Having been a member of the Wellington Rotary Club and now the Royal Palm Beach Rotary Club, as well as being involved in the local chambers of commerce, he understands the need to know his clients personally.

“It is about that individual touch. You want a person to talk with and not a recording,” Jordano said. “I will come to you. That is what is special — not many people will leave the office, but my main office is my car because I will go and hold your hand and help you out. I try harder to do the right thing for my clients and to educate them, because the most expensive product is not always the best product.”

Jordano takes pride in the quality of service provided, regardless of the size or type of policy. He has spent hours on the phone helping clients navigate the Affordable Care Act and Medicare.

The Jordano Insurance Group now provides assistance with Medicare and Medicaid, home insurance, automotive insurance including boats and motorcycles, life insurance, property insurance, casualty insurance and disability insurance.

The intent is not to sell a client every possible product but to help them discover what type of protection they truly need.

“One size does not fit all. You need to talk and get to know the person to know what their needs are,” Jordano said. “When I do presentations, I ask, ‘What is your most important benefit?’ The most important, of course, is health insurance. But what comes next? Life insurance is what you leave your family, which is important, but not the second most important thing that you need.”

Jordano explained that after health coverage, disability insurance should be the next item on the list. After that, the third most important item is making sure there is money to keep a roof over your family and food on the table.

“When someone needs a car, they don’t need a Maserati when they can get by with a Chevy,” Jordano said.

It’s more about finding what the client needs than what he can sell them. “I’m more worried about what is right for the client in the long run,” he said. “That’s why I’ve had clients for more than 20 years stay with me, and we become friends. Most of my friends here started out as clients.”

Originally from New Orleans, Jordano has traveled all over the country during his career, but he also traveled during his time in the U.S. Navy. Building relationships that last is an important part of his success.

“I don’t talk down to or up to anybody. I talk to the person and represent them as a benefit counselor, a benefit analyst,” he said.

The Jordano Insurance Group works with individuals and businesses both large and small. There are options for assistance with payroll and also group presentations.

“Service is really the number one thing I try to do. I don’t mind answering the phone and even bought a special phone for when I travel to Europe. If somebody needs me, I will always answer the phone,” Jordano said.

For those not ready to speak in person yet, there is also an option to reach out through Jordano’s web site. Information can be entered online, and a quote provided digitally.

The Jordano Insurance Group is available online at, and Jordano can be reached via e-mail at

The best way to find out more or to acquire a quote is to contact Jordano by phone at (561) 307-2622. For specific information on life and health insurance, call (561) 333-6228. For auto and home insurance questions, call (561) 225-2659.