Letter: Protect The Preserve Areas

It is gratifying to read the many letters from Wellington residents opposed to Brefrank Inc.’s proposal to pave over conservation/preserve areas around the Mall at Wellington Green. Brefrank’s presumptions that the preserve areas are failed wetlands, so they serve no other purpose and no one would care about the loss of four areas of native plants, is sadly presumptuous. Worse, Brefrank would provide mitigation credits outside our village.

Let’s compare the benefits of retaining the three preservation areas versus Brefrank’s proposal.

The preserve areas were never identified as “wetlands” but preserved conservation areas. They are lowland areas naturally vegetated with native trees and plants that thrive in wet transitional environments. Such areas provide the following benefits: take runoff from surrounding paved areas and allow this runoff to recharge our groundwater systems, provides wildlife habitat, provides an 8 to 10 degree cooler surface area than surrounding paved areas, are carbon sinks (storage) for CO2 emissions generated by all the vehicles on surrounding surfaces and require little to no maintenance.

Brefrank’s proposal offers acre for acre more paved and roofed surface areas to generate stormwater runoff that goes to our drainage canals, increased heat generated from these impermeable surfaces, more vehicular traffic generating more CO2 and a loss of beneficial green space, all for tax dollars.

These preservation areas are more valuable to the residents of the village than more asphalt and roofing. In fact, more natural areas providing us with carbon sinks (storage) and naturally cooler surfaces throughout the village are critically needed, as is more tree canopy.

Tim Hunt, Wellington