Letter: Excessive Code Enforcement Is Also A Concern

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to the letter “Put More Focus on Code Enforcement” by Peter ReJune, published last week.

While I agree with the tone and intent of Mr. ReJune, I think it may pertain to members of our community seemingly unconcerned with fairness, but more interested in imposing their authority over their neighbor. I would like to point out examples of excesses many people have encountered:

  1. Three rusty screws in their mailbox that you would have to look closely at to find, which I would point out does not lower, as the violation letter suggests, the property value of your neighbors’ property, but does suggest that the inspector had to leave his car to manually search for the offense, maybe doing the bidding of someone else.
  2. HOA directors doing inspections looking for “dirty roofs” at 2 p.m. wearing sunglasses will no doubt make questionable calls.
  3. Not knowing the difference between a variegated roof from a white roof and threatening a fine for not cleaning is clearly not the best way to bring harmony and compliance to the community — and, by the way, arguing that the HOA director said that he is responsible for his street, and is not interested in the 117 other properties that had similar problems.

In conclusion, let me add that those elected or appointed have the responsibility to bring a degree of fairness to their job without regard to personalities.

Richard Nielsen, Royal Palm Beach