WES Students Succeed In Summer Reading Program

Principal Dr. Maria Vaughan dressed as the blue crayon.

The combined reading efforts of nearly 200 Wellington Elementary School students this summer added up to a final total of over 180,000 minutes. Last May, Principal Dr. Maria Vaughan challenged students to beat 100,000 minutes and said she would dress up as a crayon from the story The Day the Crayons Quit if the students succeeded.

After the reading logs were totaled, students heard excerpts from the story on the WES Morning News and then voted on which color costume Vaughan should wear. On Friday, Sept. 6, Vaughan appeared at the flagpole in a blue crayon costume. In the book, the blue crayon is used so much that it is too stubby to see over the edge of the crayon box. Vaughan performed the morning news on her knees to stay true to the part the students chose for her.

Students who read for 400 minutes enjoyed root beer floats with the “Blue Crayon,” and students who read for 1,000 minutes also joined the “Blue Crayon” for bagels in the morning. Additionally, students earned up to three free books for reaching 600, 800 and 1,000 minutes.