Epic! Master Teacher Honor For Barbara Garcia Of New Horizons

Barbara Garcia

Epic!, the leading digital playground for kids that reaches more than 10 million young readers across the world, recently announced that nine Florida-based elementary school teachers have been selected to participate in this year’s Epic! Master Teacher Ambassador Program. Among the honorees is Barbara Garcia of New Horizons Elementary School in Wellington.

Chosen out of more than 700 applicants, spanning 40 states and 12 countries, these educators will support fun and safe student learning across a variety of subjects, from reading and literacy to history, geography, the arts, science and math.

“Epic! Master Teachers inspire thousands of educators and their students with creative ideas for how to instill a love of reading and learning in and out of the classrooms,” said Jennifer Hart, educator engagement manager for the company. “To build a vibrant Master Teacher group, we looked for influencers, including award-winning educators and thought leaders with a respected voice among peers, who are doing innovative things at school. We are thrilled to welcome these nine talented instructors to an incredibly diverse and innovative group to share their passion for Epic! with teachers, globally.”

Epic! provides unlimited access to a digital catalog of more than 40,000 premium books, audiobooks, quizzes and educational videos in a kid-friendly platform that aims to keep students engaged and excited to learn. The high-quality digital library enhances the learning experience for students, regardless of the subject matter. As 2019 Master Teachers, these valuable instructors will inspire other educators with new ways to use Epic! in their classrooms. For more information about the Master Teacher Ambassador Program, visit www.getepic.com/master-teacher.