Youngest Coach In WCFL History Helps Lead Team To Championship

Fifteen-year-old Sam Heyman spent more than 100 hours on the sidelines this season volunteering as an assistant coach for the Western Communities Football League Prep Texans.

Last week, the Prep Texans won the WCFL’s 8/9-year-old championship game.

Starting in the first grade, Sam played seven seasons of tackle football with the WCFL and now coaches alongside his father.

“I like coaching better than playing,” said Sam, who was selected to multiple all-star teams as a left tackle during his playing days. “I love kids. I want them to learn and have a good experience; especially kids who are playing tackle for the first time.”

While his father, Beau Heyman, and adult assistant coach John Hall, worked with the running backs, Sam would drill the offensive and defensive lines.

“I had a great coach my first year playing,” Sam said. “He taught me the fundamentals of blocking, and I have never forgotten.”

Sam’s father is proud of his accomplishments.

“He’s the best assistant coach I’ve ever worked with,” Beau said. “He works hard, knows the plays and never argues with me.”

Sam had to complete the same certifications on hydration, player safety, heads-up tackling and concussion protocols as all the adult coaches.

The oldest of five boys, Sam coached his younger brother Caleb this year.

“The WCFL is all about family,” said WCFL Board Member Corey Gibson, whose son Mason played on the Texans. “It’s a great place to learn the sport and to be surrounded by a caring football community. Sam is a great role model that the young players can look up to.”

Sam’s Prep Texans went 5-3 in the regular season and won their championship game 23-7. When asked if he sees himself as a head coach one day, Sam smiled shyly and shook his head. “Probably not. I don’t really like football that much,” he said.

The WCFL, the league where everyone plays, was established in 1992 and has been a staple in Wellington youth sports ever since. To learn more about the WCFL and to register for the upcoming spring flag football season, visit