Letter: Hot Air Balloon Ride

I was blessed last Friday evening when my children took me, almost 90 years old, to Wellington to get my first ride on a hot air balloon. How very thrilling it was for me to do one of my “bucket list” items

I went out on the field with my walker, and they had to lift me in and out of the basket. That was no easy feat, as I am short but kind of wide! When the young pilot took us up, they said my smile was a mile wide, and I could almost see Loxahatchee. What a view! It was an experience that I will never forget. When we landed and they lifted me out, the people in line clapped for me. We sat and watched all of the balloons be inflated and rise for a “glow,” and it was breathtaking. Thank you Chris, Rich and Mark for a blessed evening.

Mary Jo Brown, The Acreage