TKA Elementary Students Show How They Are ‘Heart Heroes’

Ava Rupolo, Lauren Swail and Julia Lima with Sandy Erneston.

Elementary students at the King’s Academy recently participated in the “Jump Rope for Heart” challenge sponsored by the American Heart Association in honor of February being American Heart Month.

This is the school’s sixth year participating in the challenge. It has been the top fundraising private school in Palm Beach County for the third straight year, raising more than $24,048. Third graders Ava Rupolo and Lauren Swail were the school’s top student fundraisers, raising $2,001.43 and $1,010.35 respectively. Classroom teachers joined the challenge and were encouraged to incorporate heart healthy choices across their curriculum.

“Jump Rope for Heart” is a school event that teaches students how to maintain a healthy heart by being active while raising funds to combat heart disease. Throughout the week, students jumped rope during physical education classes and were rewarded for making heart character choices like being kind, helping out a friend and being ready to listen.

Physical Education Director Sandy Erneston believes that Jump Rope for Heart is a great blend of activity, education and community service.

“This program is about being healthy and fit,” Erneston said. “It’s also about raising donations to fund research teams and doctors who perform miracles every day for children with sick hearts. The King’s Academy and its students feel blessed to be part of it.”