Wellington Chamber Supports Community In This Time Of Crisis

First and foremost, I want to assure everyone that the Wellington Chamber will continue to be a voice of reason, sharing factual information as it becomes available and will work tirelessly to advocate for and support our local businesses and community. We are currently looking for creative ways to host virtual networking events, have compiled a list of local restaurants and country clubs offering take-out and deliveries, as well as working to keep our office fully operational and functioning as a go-to for resource information.

We are posting daily video spots from local business owners regarding who they are, how their business is responding in this current situation and how community members can best support them, and they the community as well. We are scheduling out the videos as posts on our chamber page as well as local community pages and Instagram feeds.

It has been a hard couple of weeks to be a business owner or employee, a school administrator, a teacher, a government official, a parent, a student and even a friend. What we are currently experiencing is definitely new territory for all of us. Please bear with one another as we all continue to adapt. Right now, we implore everyone to please follow the safety guidelines put forward by the State of Florida, Palm Beach County and the Village of Wellington.

Lastly, I would encourage us to vent or scream in your pillow or to a good friend, but then come back to the table with gratitude and positivity. Why? Because, we need to band together as businesses and community to support one another. We must help reduce the hysteria and encourage and uplift one another. Ideas? 1) Post your business doing some random act of kindness. 2) Share something funny (not related to COVID-19). 3) Highlight your staff with a “Meet So & So” feature. 4) Share fun facts or historical anecdotes about your business. 5) Shout out another local business. And above all, be kind.

This is a true test of all our leadership to ensure that the Wellington business community can navigate through this challenging time. This too shall pass, and we will be better individuals and businesses because of it.

We are always available to you and would appreciate all input as we navigate these challenging times. Please call, e-mail and stay in close touch. Let’s be proactive now, and again please follow the safety guidelines put forward by the State of Florida, Palm Beach County and the Village of Wellington so that this crisis is mitigated sooner rather than later, and we can get back to business as usual.

We greatly appreciate your patience and consideration. We are in this together. We will survive. If you have any suggestions for the Wellington Chamber of Commerce, feel free to e-mail me or just give me a call if you need to talk. I may not have the answer, but I can listen. The chamber values our relationships with each and every one of you, not just as chamber partners, but as fellow human beings. We are so proud of the measures so many of you are taking already to adapt and showcase the leadership to those around you.

Let’s leave a legacy of success in the wake of this crisis. We may never be the same, but we will be better.

Michela Green, Executive Director, Wellington Chamber of Commerce

Editor’s note: Learn more about the Wellington Chamber of Commerce by visiting www.wellingtonchamber.com.