Vantage Pointe ‘Leaps’ Over COVID-19 With Interactive Classes

Vantage Pointe dancer Alexandria Smith takes a virtual dance class in her Wellington home.

Stating that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a trying time would be an understatement that most would agree with. The current situation is affecting everyone, from nursing homes to schools all over the world. Children are now being required to virtually learn their school academics to ensure they do not fall behind.

“We are fortunate in this day and age that this is a possibility for our children,” Vantage Pointe Dance Studios owner JJ Butler said. “However, we are having to think ‘outside the box’ to assist them with keeping up the valuable friendships and connections in their day to day lives.”

Vantage Pointe has taken their classes to an online interactive platform by way of Zoom. The studio is offering a low-priced monthly membership to take unlimited interactive classes from the faculty. In this setting, teachers and students are able to communicate and interact with each other, thus allowing them to feel some relief from the isolation many may be feeling.

Butler hopes this will minimize the impact the emergency will have on local youth.

“I’m even planning a pajama party for the kids,” Butler said. “I will keep thinking up other ideas to keep our children connected and communicating with one another while continuing to foster their love of dance.”

Vantage Pointe Dance Studios is still accepting registrations for online classes. Visit to sign up.