Westlake Approves Plat For 424 Homes Off Persimmon Blvd.

The Westlake City Council approved a plat Monday, June 8 for a single-family residential development of about 424 units on 116 acres on the south side of Persimmon Blvd. east of Green Lane.

The Groves of Westlake, also known as Pod O, is the latest of Westlake’s residential neighborhoods to have its plat approved. The development will total 3.64 dwelling units per acre, which is below its approved density, according to planning consultant Donaldson Hearing.

“Groves will have its primary access point off of Persimmon Blvd. East,” Hearing said. “It will also have a secondary access point off of Green Lane.”

Construction will be in two phases, with the second phase of 147 units set to come before the council in August.

“Pod O will contain two different lot sizes, with a 50-foot-wide lot series, the same general lot size that you have seen built within Meadows and Hammock, as well as a 65-foot series,” he said.

The development will have a 10-foot landscaped multimodal path within it, connecting to another path along Persimmon Blvd.

“That’s something new,” Hearing said. “You’ll see that at both of our entranceways, and you’ll see that in all future parcels.”

Hearing explained that the plat met all legal and technical requirements of Florida Statutes and the Seminole Improvement District, and it had been reviewed by the city attorney.

Some of the homes are built around lakes, and Councilman Patric Paul asked how they will be accessed for maintenance.

Hearing said that the Seminole Improvement District requires access to all the lakes, either from a road or maintenance easement shown on the map as part of some of the lots. He explained that some of the lots are larger to accommodate a 20-foot easement, and residents could enjoy the extra green space but would not be allowed to install landscaping there.

Westlake Planning Consultant Nilsa Zacarias said the easements are accounted for by planning and zoning when residents apply to build a fence on their property.

Councilwoman Kara Crump asked about provisions for guest parking.

“I know that was a bit of a problem with other [neighborhoods],” Crump said.

Hearing said guest parking would be provided beside the mail kiosks.

“We’ve also implemented a program where guest parking is available at the community recreation center, by notification to the homeowners’ association,” he said. “Each of the driveways will accommodate guest parking, and there’s the availability during the day of parking on the street. We actually exceed the minimum code requirement as it relates to parking and guest parking.”

Crump made a motion to approve the plat, which carried 5-0.