Wellington Water Slides To Get A Makeover

Repair work is planned for the water slides at the Wellington Aquatics Complex.

In the coming weeks, two water slides at the Wellington Aquatics Complex will undergo a complete rehabilitation, putting them back into like-new condition and extending their useful life for at least another five years.

The Wellington Village Council recently provided authorization to execute a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) amendment for the Aquatics Complex Slide Repair Project.

Deputy Village Manager Jim Barnes described the project for the two water slides.

“It is a fiberglass type material and has a steel structure that supports the frame and structure itself,” he said. “The last time maintenance was completed was in 2014.”

Barnes said that the village attempted to obtain a contractor previously in fiscal year 2019. However, before work began, the contractor stopped doing projects in Florida. The staff has now obtained a new Florida vendor, and the work needs to be completed in order for the village to continue to utilize the slides.

Barnes explained that the project consists of painting the exterior, repair/coating of the interior gel coat, and priming, prepping and painting the steel support structure for the entire slide apparatus.

Mayor Anne Gerwig asked how long the slides will be out of service, and Barnes said that the project will take 30 days to complete.

Vice Mayor Tanya Siskind asked about the $90,656 cost, adding that it seems like a large figure for a repair.

Councilman Michael Napoleone was concerned that work might be done that would then need to be torn down should the village decide to build a new aquatics complex near Wellington High School. Discussions are expected in 2021 regarding the future of the aquatics complex.

Barnes said the project will extend the usable life of the slide for approximately five years, and the work needs to be done to not expose the village to liability issues.

Barnes told the Town-Crier that the slides were originally installed in 2005 and are popular with users of the aquatics complex. He said that village staff is conducting a study of what needs to be done at the complex and the costs involved.