DiMartino Plumbing Lends A Helping Hand To Those In Need

DiMartino Plumbing, a local family owned and operated business, has a community outreach program called “Plumbing for a Purpose.” This is a program for people who cannot afford to fix a plumbing issue they are having.

As part of this program, DiMartino Plumbing chooses a nominee monthly and provides them with a free plumbing service, no strings attached. Individuals are able to nominate themselves or others by sending an e-mail to info@dimartinoplumbing.com with a brief explanation of the person’s situation along with the plumbing issue that needs attention.

“A few years back, we faced a medical emergency with our twin daughters, and our community really rallied around us. They donated their time, money and efforts to help us. We are eternally grateful to our Palm Beach County community, and so our program ‘Plumbing for a Purpose’ is just our way of giving back,” Vice President Melissa DiMartino said. “Many people are struggling financially right now. Single moms trying to make ends meet, the elderly on fixed incomes, people have lost their jobs… It’s a tough time.”

The company’s hope is that “Plumbing for a Purpose” will inspire other small businesses to give back during a time where so many people are struggling.

“This program is designed to give people a little break,” DiMartino said. “There’s a lot of negativity in the world right now. If we can give some good news to someone, let’s do it.”

DiMartino Plumbing has been in business since 2010. They are known for their quality plumbing services, as well as transparency with customers. DiMartino Plumbing has held multiple campaigns that revolve around lending a helping hand. For more info., visit www.dimartinoplumbing.com.