Ribbon Cutting Welcomes New Promenade Dock

Wellington Vice Mayor Tanya Siskind and Councilman John McGovern cut the ribbon.

A ribbon cutting was held to welcome the new dock at the Wellington Promenade on Friday, March 26. The evening also featured the last green market of the season, as well as a health and wellness fair.


  1. Some questions Denise Fleischman should have asked the Village about the docks in addition to the photo opt:

    1. Why did it take so long to build? We have been asking for these docks for years.
    2. How much did it cost, who paid, and what happened to the State and Federal grants?
    3. According to the plans, the fishing dock is “non ADA compliant.” In my opinion, the rower’s dock ramp also violates the Americans with Disability Act and the Florida Building Codes. The main boat dock’s last ramp also violates the ADA with a slope greater than 2:12 in my opinion. The Engineer of Record, Council, nor the Manager provided any specific laws, rules, or codes that would allow for these deviations.

    I raised these concerns in front of the Council with little if any interest. Are these docks discriminating against people with physical disabilities? This doesn’t sound like a diverse Village when we spend our taxes on non-complaint docks that will jeopardize people safety who can sue the Village for these violations.

    In addition, the main boat dock has very large cleats, used to tie off the boats. However, these cleats are for large yachts not 20-foot pontoon boats, waste of our taxes. Plastic pier caps, cheap. Finally, numerous deflectors are surface mounted on the dock creating a trip hazard.

    Denise Fleischman, it’s not too late to ask these questions to enlighten the public of our Council’s poor decisions.

    Bruce Tumin

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