RPB Rotary Completes Global Grant Project At Hospital In Jamaica

Rotarian Andre Blackwood, Rotarian Patricia Keith-Johnson, RPB Rotary President Pastor Michael Rose, Spanish Town Rotary President Latoya McFarlane and Rotarian David Dodson.

The Rotary Club of Royal Palm Beach recently completed its Global Grant Project in Spanish Town, Kingston, Jamaica. The project was proposed by Rotarian Pastor Michael Rose. He had been approached by the Rotary Club of Spanish Town during one of his visits to his native Jamaica.

There was an urgent need at the Spanish Town Hospital to refurbish its minor operation theater. The hospital, which also serves as a referral hospital, was being overwhelmed by the number of surgical cases. As a result, operations had to be canceled or put on an extended waiting list. With a functioning minor operating theater, additional cases could be scheduled there, thus significantly reducing the wait list.

Rotary Past President Jeff Hmara and club members decided to move forward with the proposal. After studying the list of various equipment requested by the hospital, it was decided that the most appropriate would be a state-of-the-art anesthesia machine and an industrial autoclave.

The application process for the Global Grant Project with the Rotary Foundation was then set in motion. The total cost of the project was $44,055. This includes the contributions of both clubs, together with grants from the Rotary Foundation. To navigate the process, invaluable guidance was received from Rotarian Jim Sisserson, the district foundation chair. Site visits were made by Pastor Rose, the current club president, and Rotarian Lorna Kernizan.