Wellington Book Club Members Meet With Author Louis Park

Author Louis Park meets with book club members in Wellington.

The western communities are home to many talented people. One such resident is Louis Park, a noted author and journalist, who is also a contributor to the Town-Crier newspaper.

A local Wellington book club, made up of retired educators from area schools, chose Park’s debut novel, All That The River Holds, for one of its monthly picks. The story takes place in the late 1960s in rural Mississippi. Although the novel is a work of fiction, Park drew upon memories from his childhood, growing up in such a town, to create the story. The book is filled with personal relationships, mystery and suspense. Book club members found it very enjoyable.

Park graciously agreed to meet with club members to discuss the book. However, as with many other plans made in 2020, COVID-19 intervened, and the meeting did not happen in person, but rather via Zoom.

Park was engaging and interesting during the extensive question-and-answer session, filling readers in on background situations and information he used to bring the book to life. When restrictions were lifted, Park met with the group again, this time in person, and signed the books. He also gave a sneak peek into his next novel, Hard News, which is currently in the works.

Club members were fortunate to discover such an outstanding and accommodating author right here in the local community. The club happily recommends his standout novel All That The River Holds, which is available at Amazon, Kindle and Barnes & Noble.