Zeo And Nicky Greed Release New Single ‘I Need You’

South Florida singer-songwriter Zeo, with sounds comparable to Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill, and singer-songwriter Nicky Greed recently teamed up to release their catchy new single titled “I Need You.”

The music video was released on YouTube, while the song is now available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and most major platforms.

Lyrics for the song were written by Greed and Zeo, while the music was produced by Elliot Cesta, aka DJ Shaw-T. The song was mastered at a Nashville studio owned and operated by Alex Lipshaw of Snowtree Productions.

The music video for “I Need You” was directed by Rodney Cooper, who skillfully directed the video of the intense double-edge sword of challenging relationships and life transitions. Much of the clothing seen in the music video comes from Zeo’s upcoming clothing line, ZFit, with a few sneak peaks from Greed’s upcoming clothing line called Legend Wolf Pack.

“I Need You” is Zeo and Greed’s third collaboration to be released, and the artists describe it as a catchy and uplifting song that deals with navigating dark situations unexpectedly happening in life. Other collaborations between Zeo and Greed include “Legend” and “Yummy,” the latter being a remix of Justin Bieber’s hit song.

Zeo, who grew up in Philadelphia, is a self-taught music production engineer and can currently be seen performing regularly throughout South Florida as a member of the band Weird at First.

Greed and Zeo are co-founders of Huff n Puff Records & Publishing. Separately, Greed recently released four studio singles, with his latest titled “The Truth By Fire” featuring Jon Lipshaw.