Small Palm Beach Central Girls Golf Team Is A Work In Progress

Senior Jadin Holmberg lines up her shot.

The Palm Beach Central High School girls varsity golf team may lack “girlpower,” but it doesn’t lack willpower.

According to head coach Don Persson, his team this fall only has three players: senior Jadin Holmberg, sophomore Kimber Kinney and sophomore Natalie Rimeriz.

His one senior has limited experience playing golf, and both of the sophomores are new to the sport, but they are passionate about learning the game and getting better.

“My two sophomores never played until August, and my senior had not picked up a club for some time and decided to take the game up again,” Persson said. “They all have improved from the first day, and I am very pleased with their progress.”

When the Palm Beach Central girls golf team plays matches against other schools, the competition is not a traditional team match.

“Because we don’t have a full team, all [team] matches are individual matches,” he explained.

According to Persson, Holmberg is shooting the lowest scores and is showing weekly progress.

“Jadin has the ability to drive the ball excellent distances, so she can overpower golf holes,” Persson said. “If Jadin continues to improve at the pace she is showing now, she could do well at the district tournament.”

The district tournament will take place on Monday, Oct. 25 at the Wellington National Golf Club.

Not surprisingly, Holmberg pulled off the “shot of the year” for her team.

“Jadin found herself behind a high tree at the Village Golf Club in Royal Palm Beach,” Persson recalled. “Her options were very limited, and it looked as though she would have to take a [penalty] drop and then chip out to the fairway. She then thought she may be able to go over the tree with her lob wedge. It was very risky. Somehow, she pulled off the shot, and it went over the tree, saving her at least two strokes.”