Mural Artist Rebecca Butler Clark Moves Business From Miami To Wellington

Artist Rebecca Butler Clark works on one of her murals.

Mural artist Rebecca Butler Clark, owner of Murals by Becca, has made the leap from Miami to Wellington to continue her mission of coloring Florida in joyful, challenging stories. This zany Miami mural artist has been lured north by her West Palm Beach family.

“Wellington is now where we live and where the studio is,” she said. “I am happy to meet during a painted proposal or commission project when needed, otherwise I come to you. This is how to get started with a hand-painted mural by Becca: A text is the best way — no confusion about spam, you can introduce yourself, send pictures of your ideas or thoughts, and I can even send my first sketches this way.”

These initial sketches and tweaks are free, as is her initial proposal. Clark urges people to consider murals the same way they look at other home or business accessories.

“Your walls tell your story, just like your furniture, collections or art in frames,” she said. “Murals expand a room or building without taking a bit of floor space.”

Clark trained for 10 years with Zoroya Studios before going out on her own in 1999. Exhibits, festivals, home shows, and 365 Paintings in 365 Days built the brand. She now has 22 years of creating joy through color for homes, nurseries, day cares, businesses and more.

Environmental, underwater and tropical flora and fauna are Clark’s passions, although she also enjoys diversity and takes pride in painting the passions of her clients.

“Hand-painted murals will be on earth forever, of that I’m sure,” she said. “Are your walls ready?”

Her arrival in the local market coincided with Clark landing a major mural contract.

“My client, a year in the making, announced that Palm Springs finally issued the permit for a two-building mural project, the day we landed in Wellington,” she said. “The Little Blue Academy got her gorgeous face lift, starting Nov. 22, 2021, and Murals by Becca successfully completed those one month later. If you want to see it in person, it’s easy enough to drive by at 2423 Congress Ave. The mural wraps around the academy and then carries on to their office building behind on Drew Way.”

Clark’s murals have been called “original,” “whimsical, “crafted” and “unique work.”

“Why do I paint for you? It’s in my blood to color your world with happy,” she said. “It’s all about you. My mission statement is very sweet and simple: I create joy through color. My clients can tell you how easy it is to get started, from the process of painted proposals to a strong collaboration during the process, insuring all your wishes end up in your painted story.”

Contact Rebecca Butler Clark of Murals by Becca at (305) 613-0782 or For more info., visit, or find her on social media at and