LETTER: Maniglia Supports Coleman And McLendon

It’s election time again in Loxahatchee Groves, and while I’m fairly confident that those of you who know me or attend our town meetings, it’s no secret as to my robust doubts regarding the intentions and agendas of the two incumbents.

None of the roads recently paved have been built to the same standards as South B Road. The incumbents dropped that ball. They needed to punt before this election cycle… get the roads paved at any cost, including your safety!

Paul Coleman has seen first-hand the changes both good and bad happening here. I know that he will bring a logical and pragmatic point of view to the dais. Being able to draw from his experience working with Palm Beach County will certainly provide the council a welcome and educated insight that this town deserves when tackling the big issues that are overwhelming us. And I know he won’t get tangled up in the politics or divisiveness, because his main concern is to preserve this town for his daughter (and her children) as close as it was when he grew up here. Paul will bring to the council a unique perspective because of his 30-plus years living in this town. He is thorough, and he is willing to listen to opposing points of view. The decision(s) he will make on the dais will have the town and its residents’ best interests at its core and not be one of questionable or self-serving motives.

Todd McLendon is one of the smartest and most tenacious people I know. Most people who have served on council and not been re-elected, or those who have run and not been elected seem to simply disappear, but not Todd! Todd isn’t going away because our town’s problems and challenges haven’t gone away. I admire his resoluteness, and so should any voter in this town. I know his opinions come from a wealth of knowledge. Not only has Todd served on the council in the past, but he has dedicated countless hours serving on several committees in this town. He will bring back transparency and honesty to the dais. Because of his knowledge regarding the town, it’s policies and procedures, and his dauntless research, and his willingness to listen to and work with the public, his fellow council members and town staff, Todd will be the voice of reason and responsibility when poo hits the fan!

Phillis Maniglia, Loxahatchee Groves