Wildcat Dancers Select New Executive Board

The Wildcat Dancers Dance Team from Royal Palm Beach High School voted onto the executive board two new members, Gianna Nembhard as 2022-23 captain and Jena’ Obilas as 2022-23 first dancer. These top of their class academically and technical in dance young women replace the graduating 2021-22 executive board. They look forward to the challenges, excitement and endless possibilities for upcoming dance season. (Front row) Jena’ Obilas, Aracely Prado, Gianna Nembhard and Gshaline Rampersadl; and (back row) Giyanna Foreman, Aaliyah Chambers, Amoy Williams, Taylor Brooks, Janiyah Powell, Leah Milfort, Dev Gentillomme, Jasmine Ramirez and Lilyan Moran. Not pictured: Widgeka Alphonse, Michelle Colins, Kimora Miller, Kylie Nguyen, Natalia Patrick and Kenordia Reynolds.


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