American Heritage Nation’s Top Private School In Math Competition

Students from the Palm Beach campus placed second in the nation in math competition.

With exceptional representation at the 2022 Mu Alpha Theta National Math Competition, American Heritage Schools is proud to announce that its Broward campus has ranked as the No. 1 private school math team in the nation and the Palm Beach campus as the No. 2 private school math team in the nation for the 12th consecutive year.

A total of 430 students from the top math schools across the nation met in Washington, D.C., to participate in 62 challenging events. The competition covered such advanced topics as analytic geometry, logs and exponents, open probability and combinatorics, and calculus.

At the event, 76 students from American Heritage spent a week in Washington, D.C., earning a variety of awards and recognitions, including 26 perfect scores, four first-place rankings under team events, 63 students ranking in the top 5 of their categories, 18 individual first-place finishes and top-ranked private school in all three major divisions.

“From January to July, most of the big competitions take place, and we have test practices and Saturday meetings to prepare us,” said Saathvik Selvan, a senior from American Heritage, who has been accepted to the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of California, Berkeley. “I’ve competed in these types of competitions since middle school, so I’m used to the pressure, but it is always exciting. Mu Alpha Theta has created a lot of enthusiasm for math in general and has generated a common bond among the math community.”

Due to this great accomplishment and other winnings in state and regional math competitions, world-renowned mathematician and national coach of the USA International Mathematical Olympiad team, Dr. Po-Shen Loh, will be personally visiting both campuses in December 2022 to congratulate and meet American Heritage Schools’ mathletes.

Mu Alpha Theta is a math honor society. At the national convention, each division represents a different type of math. Mu represents calculus, Alpha represents pre-calculus and Theta represents algebra/geometry. Each grade level competes in one of these categories based on what type of math the student studies in school. The competition consists of a general 60-minute test of 30 multiple-choice questions and three tests related to the specific area of math in which the students are competing. Aside from the main events, students can also choose to participate in smaller competitions, such as mental math, speed math and a presentation poster.

“Every math competition gives an individual the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and talent they have developed and hopefully win an award,” said Richard Rovere, director of math competition for American Heritage. “With the right attitude, no one ever loses — you either win or learn.”

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