Caroline Epstein Named School District’s Media Specialist Of The Year

Superintendent Michael Burke with Binks Forest Media Specialist Caroline Epstein.

Caroline Epstein from Binks Forest Elementary School has been honored as the 2023 Palm Beach County School District Library Media Specialist of the Year.

“Caroline Epstein exemplifies what a true educator is,” Principal Michella Levy said in her nomination form. “She not only teaches the mind, she reaches the heart. Epstein’s ability to work with students is a talent worth recognizing. She makes it a point to know everyone’s name and what books interest them. Epstein connects with each student and their families. She invites struggling readers to the media center to select the ‘just right’ books for them, and they come on a daily basis. To know her is to know that Epstein is passionate about learning and gives every student an equal opportunity to grow.”

Levy said that Epstein prides herself on creating a media center that is the hub of the school. In addition to teaching library skills, such as using Destiny to locate books, she also teaches reading and writing skills, including sequencing and retelling. She is always coming up with innovative ways to challenge and motivate readers, such as the popular Battle of the Books program, and has also done an amazing job at promoting summer reading at Binks Forest.

“Epstein updated the media center for the first time in nearly 20 years when taking over the space as the new media specialist five years ago,” Levy said. “She quickly decided to redesign it so that it was more kid-friendly and reflected a cheerful personality all of its own. It’s a beautiful place that is, at once welcoming, comfortable, and a place kids love to visit.”