LETTER: Don’t Remove Land From Wellington’s Equestrian Preserve

A map showing Wellington’s Equestrian Preserve Area.

Please do not take land out of the Equestrian Preserve Area and change the equestrian goals of the founders of Wellington.

Wellington is a key hub for three international equestrian sports because of the way Wellington was set up. The equestrians from Wellington inspire youth and good horsemanship all over the world. The equestrian land and competitions in Wellington are crucial for riders to strengthen their horse’s international development and succeed. Wellington has attracted the best in horse sports, not only from the United States, but Europeans and South Americans who take advantage of the warm six-month winter season to train and show their horses. They prepare their horses over several years to be confident and fit enough to take on the best in the world. The international caliber of wins from the strategies of these riders in Wellington comes with Olympic gold medals, World Equestrian Games wins and World Cup Championship achievements. Wellington is the key to their success.

In 1995, the Village of Wellington was formally incorporated with 28,960 acres in total. One-third of the land was designated for the 9,200-acre Equestrian Preserve Area. The preserve is zoned for up to 10 acres per residential-built home. The idea was to work to keep enough land necessary for horses with the growth in population and land purchases. Former Palm Beach County Commissioner Ken Adams played a key role in organizing the Village of Wellington and in the formation of the Equestrian Preserve Area. The land development regulations (LDRs) are the zoning guidelines that include subdivision and landscaping codes, and parking ordinances. The LDRs are the zoning codes developed for all the building projects, whether residential, commercial or, in Wellington, designated equestrian.

Ken Adams’ vision has made a difference in people’s lives, including a community with three international equestrian sports. The incorporation of the Village of Wellington and the state approval for the Equestrian Preserve Area realized the vision of Roger Wellington and continues to bring prosperity to those in the community. Please leave the preserve as is, because the equestrians in Wellington continue to inspire up-and-coming youth and equestrians all over the world.

Betsy LaBelle, Wellington