Wellington To Recognize Tanabata With Wish Tree Displays

Tanabata, also known as the Star Festival, means “evening of the seventh” and originated as a Chinese legend before making its way to Japan and becoming the inspiration behind the Japanese Tanabata Festival.

The festival traces its origins to the legend of two star-crossed lovers, the Cowherd Star (Altair) and the Weaver Star (Vega), who are separated by the Milky Way and allowed to meet just once per year — on the seventh day of the seventh month.

Tanabata is celebrated by writing wishes on colorful strips of paper called Tanzaku and attaching them to bamboo branches, or “Wish Trees,” in hopes they come true.

Between Saturday, July 1 and Friday, July 7, the Village of Wellington invites the community to stop by the Wellington Community Center, Village Hall or Village Park to hang a Tanzaku on one of the bamboo “Wish Trees,” on display in the lobbies. Village Hall and the Wellington Community Center will be closed on Tuesday, July 4.

For more information, visit www.wellingtonfl.gov/tanabata.