Local Actors Win Play Festival And Prepare To Go Off Broadway

Once again, the mystifying conceptions of American Gothic author Edgar Allan Poe will be seen and heard in New York City during the Equity Library Theatre Play Festival.

Poe’s original short story Some Words with a Mummy presents the trials of bringing an Egyptian mummy to life by use of electrical currents. The story has been adapted into a short play by Florida playwright Cynthia Morrison and entitled The Mummy Speaks. The play, along with the actors’ performances, recently won first place in the Equity Library Theatre 2023 virtual play festival.

During the event of the mummy’s revival, some rather strange but interesting conversations take place between the scientists, an Egyptian ambassador and other characters on stage. At one point during the play, a mad scientist incurs a hardy helping of the mummy’s wrath during the experiment.

Actors David Rafaidus, Roger Shorr, Marsha Rickles, Miriam Rafaidus, Gary Alexander, Anita Alexander and Stefani Marmer are all a part of the Ibis play readers group based in West Palm Beach who will be presenting Morrison’s play Off Broadway in New York City this summer.

The players are extremely enthused about taking the play to the Big Apple, where Poe himself is said to have written his famous work The Raven.