Marco Bernal Welcomes Horses Healing Hearts Children For Photo Session

HHH kids with Marco Bernal in his office.

Marco Bernal, a world-renowned dressage champion, joined forces with Horses Healing Hearts (HHH) to host an extraordinary event for children on Monday, June 12 at his facility in Wellington. Ron Elkman, a renowned USA Today Network photographer, immortalized the children’s interactions with the horses, creating a visual narrative that embodies the transformative power of the horse-human connection.

Horses Healing Hearts is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting children whose lives have been negatively impacted by addiction within their families. By connecting children with horses, the organization provides a nurturing environment that fosters trust and promotes resilience.

Bernal, an equestrian ambassador for HHH, offered his state-of-the-art facility as the venue for this remarkable event. Nestled in the scenic beauty of Wellington, Bernal’s facility provided a serene setting that promoted tranquility and encouraged the children to connect with horses in a safe and welcoming environment.

The children of HHH engaged in activities specially designed to promote emotional healing and personal growth. Their connection and fascination with the horses were further strengthened by Bernal sharing the ribbons, photos and performance awards he has earned in dressage over the last 40 years.

“We are thrilled to welcome the HHH children to my facility for this special event,” Bernal said. “We hope to bring awareness to the healing potential of horses and inspire others to support the remarkable work of Horses Healing Hearts in their transformative efforts, empowering the children to discover their inner strength.”

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