PBCWCD Water Quality Report Now Available

The Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department (PBCWUD) makes it easy for residents, visitors and businesses to learn more about the treatment process and water quality standards.

The department recently published its Annual Water Quality Report, a comprehensive resource designed to help customers understand the data behind the water. Features of the report include summarized, easy-to-read charts that explain where the utility’s drinking water comes from and how it is treated.

More than 60 million gallons per day of affordable, clean drinking water are delivered to more than 600,000 residents located within 1,300 square miles of Palm Beach County. In 2022, PBCWUD conducted more than 80,000 tests on samples from hydrants, commercial buildings and taps. These tests ensure that all federal and state water quality standards throughout the distribution system are continually met and exceeded.

The Annual Water Quality Report is a simple and clear snapshot of the department’s commitment to delivering the best water to residents. To view the water quality report, visit www.pbcwater.com/waterquality, or to request a printed copy, call the public information team at (561) 493-6066.