Edmonds Successfully Passes Landmark Legislation To Help Address Florida’s Housing Crisis

State Rep. Jervonte Edmonds

State Rep. Jervonte Edmonds (D-District 88) is proud to announce the successful passage of Senate Bill 678, a groundbreaking law that grants the Florida Department of Transportation the authority to transfer unused property to government entities at no cost for the sole purpose of developing affordable housing initiatives.

This landmark legislation marks a significant step forward in addressing the critical need for affordable housing throughout the State of Florida. Edmonds sponsored House Bill 763, companion legislation to SB 678.

Florida, like many states across the nation, has been grappling with a severe shortage of affordable housing options, leaving countless families struggling to secure safe and stable homes. Recognizing the urgency of this crisis, Edmonds and State Sen. Bobby Powell (D-District 24) tirelessly championed SB 678 through the legislative process, working collaboratively with fellow lawmakers, housing advocates and stakeholders to secure its passage.

“I am thrilled to have spearheaded the passage of SB 678, as it is a transformative piece of legislation that addresses one of Florida’s most pressing challenges head-on,” Edmonds said. “By unlocking the potential of underutilized properties for the exclusive purpose of affordable housing, we are taking a significant step forward in ensuring that every Floridian has a place they can call home.”

The passage of SB 678 during the recent legislative session in Tallahassee showcases Edmonds’ commitment to improving the lives of Floridians and his dedication to tackling the housing affordability crisis.

By working in collaboration with Powell and key stakeholders, Edmonds has effectively secured an opportunity for the government to take action and make a meaningful impact in the lives of those who need it most.

The new law was approved by the governor in May and took effect on July 1.