Wellington Enhances Resident Engagement With Two Interactive Budgeting Tools

The Village of Wellington recently announced the launch of two innovative budgeting tools, Balancing Act and Taxpayer Receipt. These interactive platforms are designed to empower residents by providing them with comprehensive information and opportunities for active participation in the village’s budget development process.

Balancing Act, the first tool introduced by Wellington’s Office of Financial Management & Budget, offers residents a hands-on experience in exploring the Fiscal Year 2023-24 Proposed General Fund Budget. By modifying allocated funding and witnessing the real-time impact on the overall budget, users gain valuable insight into the trade-offs and considerations inherent in budget planning. This interactive simulation fosters a deeper understanding of Wellington’s budgeting process, building trust in the allocation of funds and encouraging resident input and recommendations.

In addition to Balancing Act, Wellington has introduced Taxpayer Receipt, which provides residents with an unofficial, itemized receipt showcasing how the village spends tax dollars. Taxpayer Receipt offers a transparent breakdown of programs and services supported by residents’ tax contributions, ensuring transparency and accountability in public spending.

“We are excited to introduce Balancing Act and Taxpayer Receipt, two essential tools that enhance resident engagement in the budgeting process,” Village Manager Jim Barnes said. “These tools not only provide residents with a deeper understanding of how their tax dollars are spent but also offer them the opportunity to actively shape the future of our community by sharing their perspectives and recommendations.”

Residents are encouraged to visit www.wellingtonfl.gov/balancingact to access both the Balancing Act online budget simulation tool and Taxpayer Receipt. There are detailed instructions and user-friendly features that will help them explore different budget scenarios.

Residents are also invited to attend the three upcoming budget hearings on Aug. 8, Sept. 5 and Sept. 20 at 7 p.m. at Village Hall (12300 W. Forest Hill Blvd.). These hearings offer an ideal platform to learn more about the village budget and provide input that will be considered before the final budget adoption.