Waldron Bill Signed By Governor

State Rep. Katherine Waldron

State Rep. Katherine Waldron (D-District 93) recently announced that HB 403 has been signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis and becomes effective Oct. 1.

This bill will enable the Project Addiction: Reversing the Stigma organization to create an “Overdose Awareness” specialty license plate. A portion of the annual use fees will go to help reverse the stigma of addiction and mental health through outreach and education.

“There is a growing mental health problem and substance use disorder in our state and in our country,” Waldron said. “Almost everyone has a family member, friend or colleague who has been impacted by this problem.”

Proceeds from the sales of these plates will go toward the Project Addiction: Reversing the Stigma organization. The organization was founded by a group of residents who gathered in their grief after having lost a loved one to addiction and mental health.

“We are so excited that HB 403 passed for the Overdose Awareness specialty license plate,” said Rosemarie Aldred, a board member with the organization. “We want to take this opportunity to thank Representative Katherine Waldron for her support and efforts in sponsoring this initiative. Together we will all save lives!”