Wellington Completes Tree Planting

The Village of Wellington recently announced the successful completion of a significant tree planting project at the Wellington Rotary Peace Park, funded by a $7,725 grant from Urban and Community Forestry (UCF).

This initiative involved planting 30 pine densa slash trees, showcasing a commitment to enhancing the local environment and promoting sustainable urban forestry. The project was executed with the help of a local contractor and marked the culmination of five years of meticulous planning and community engagement.

The primary objective was to introduce native Florida trees to a prominent village-owned site, aligning with the village’s urban forestry master plan. The project not only beautifies the community but also reinforces the village’s dedication to environmental stewardship.

The village thanks the U.S. Forest Service, the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services and the Florida Forest Service for their technical and financial support in making this project a reality.