It’s Time To Show Our Appreciation For All Those Who Served

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Memorial Day is a time to remember fallen soldiers — members of the U.S. military who gave their lives in service to our nation. While many will get to enjoy a day off from work, it is also important to recall the meaning of the holiday and show appreciation for those who were lost, as well as the veterans who survived. Yet too often, we have not paid our veterans more...

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Letter: Stop Clearing Wellington Easements

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You may be aware that the Village of Wellington is back to clear-cutting their right of way around canals. As residents who enjoy their back yard a lot, my family and I find this unacceptable. I understand that there are legitimate reasons for managing this area, but I was informed that for anything 25 feet from the canal, expect that items on our personal property more...


Letter: Congratulations To Verdenia Baker

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Congratulations to Verdenia Baker, our next county administrator. Your selection to succeed Bob Weisman, who retires in August, is being well-received in the western communities. The look on Bob Weisman’s face when you were selected said it all. There were 80 applicants and six finalists, and in the end, four commissioners did the right thing and made you their first more...


Thoughts For The Class Of 2015: ‘Be Not Afraid Of Greatness’

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Next week, the South Florida Fairgrounds will host commencement exercises for the four public high schools serving the western communities, starting with Royal Palm Beach High School on Monday, May 18 at 7:30 p.m., followed by Palm Beach Central High School on Wednesday, May 20 at 8 a.m. Wellington High School’s graduation ceremony follows on Thursday, May 21 at noon, more...

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Letter: Attend May 19 Lox Groves Workshop

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The Loxahatchee Groves Water Control District/Loxahatchee Groves Town Council workshop on equestrian/recreational trails scheduled for May 19 at 6 p.m. will challenge the council’s effort to secure the benefits of self-determination per the town charter. In this case, the benefit is the finish line of a 22-year-old citizens’ campaign for trails. Vice Mayor Ron more...


Letter: No Transparency In Wellington Government

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The Tuesday, May 12, Wellington Village Council meeting demonstrated again the lack of transparency of Mayor Bob Margolis. Apparently, he forgets that Florida law seeks to make Florida government transparent and open. Margolis brought forth at the meeting a discussion of Village Manager Paul Schofield’s contract. No backup information was provided, and there is no more...


Letter: Don’t Sanitize Liang’s Record

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I am deeply disturbed by what may be partisan reporting in this newspaper. Naturally, papers lean one way or the other politically, but all newspapers have a duty to uphold the integrity of the law. In the report on last week’s Loxahatchee Groves Town Council meeting, a paragraph referred to Councilman Ryan Liang’s criminal record. The reference trivialized the more...


Open Communication Will Keep Unrest From Flaring Up Here

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In the wake of civil unrest in Baltimore over the past few weeks — on the heels of similar unrest in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson last summer — there have been a multitude of questions in residential areas large and small, urban and rural, about the likelihood of such unrest taking place in other communities across the nation. This is not the first, nor will it more...

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Letter: Charter School Failures Rewarded

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One of Palm Beach County’s top-rated charter schools, the G-Star School of the Arts, has had a dwindling bank account since 2011 and the district auditors cited “financial woes.” Yet they still got reduced bonds, despite financial failure. Palm Beach County has the most failed for-profit charter schools in Florida. It was reported that many charter schools got more...


Letter: K-Park: Good Decision, Now What?

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I applaud the recent Wellington Village Council decision to reject all the developer plans for the K-Park property. Wellington does not need more condos, townhomes or apartments. We have plenty already and many more are on the way. I am sure the money dangled by the developers was enticing, but the council did a good deal of due diligence and acted accordingly. I can more...