County’s Ruling Majority Is Using The Gavel To Stifle Dissent

By at November 21, 2014 | 12:02 am | 3 Comments

This week, a majority of the Palm Beach County Commission effectively censured one of its own for nothing more than holding unpopular points of view. Without giving specific reasons, Commissioner Paulette Burdick was passed over for her turn at the gavel — and the largely ceremonial title of “mayor” — in favor of Commissioner Shelley Vana. It was, of course, more...

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Letter: Kudos To Burdick

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Editor’s note: The following letter addressed to County Commissioner Paulette Burdick was sent to the Town-Crier for publication. Dear Commissioner Burdick: I applaud your fortitude for standing up to be counted on the side of existing residents in the face of develop-o-mania. Contrary to what Commissioner Hal Valeche and his admitted developer cronies say, more...


Letter: Another Guilty Verdict

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Congratulations to the Goodman trial prosecutors and the second jury reaching the correct verdict, even though some restrictions were placed upon them. In the first trial, Mr. Goodman claimed to have stopped or slowed down at the stop sign; in the second trial, brake failure magically appeared. I would think one of these statements would be perjury. Even the more...


Help Make Thanksgiving Holiday Brighter For Families In Need

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From its origins in Plymouth colony to its modern-day incarnation, Thanksgiving has always been a uniquely American celebration of family and community. It gives us perspective, reminding us of what’s really important. But it’s also a reminder that there are many people who don’t have it so good. And in this regard, it’s a holiday that brings out the best in more...

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Letter: The Beast Shows Itself

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At last week’s Loxahatchee Groves Town Council meeting, another good man went under the bus. Following in the still damp footsteps of Mark Kutney, victim of the same clear and obvious abuse of power, Keith Harris was “removed” as chair of the hopeless and directionless Roadway, Equestrian Trails & Greenway Advisory Committee (RETGAC). His crime? Freedom of more...


Letter: Rockett Motions Committee Into Hiatus

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Call the delay of opening the equestrian trails within Loxahatchee Groves whatever you want. Consensus on a reason is not as important as a solution. The Roadway, Equestrian Trails & Greenway Advisory Committee (RETGAC) is comprised of five local residents and a council representative. Development of a trail system has been its focus for more than three years, and more...


Letter: The Voter’s Betrayal

By at November 14, 2014 | 12:01 am | 9 Comments

Regarding the recent District 6 Palm Beach County Commission race, I am in a state of shock regarding the actions of the western communities’ voters. Their betrayal of Michelle Santamaria is disgusting, to say the very least. The race should have been a walk in the park for Michelle with her proven track record, name recognition and her impeccable integrity. How more...


Take Some Time To Honor America’s Veterans On Veterans Day

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America will observe Veterans Day on Tuesday, Nov. 11 to honor the sacrifices made by those who have fought for our freedoms. It is a holiday that dates back nearly 100 years to the end of World War I. While Memorial Day honors those who died in combat, Veterans Day thanks those who served and returned home. It was President Woodrow Wilson, who first recognized Nov. 11 more...

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Letter: County Did Not Listen To Residents

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Days have passed and yet the pain and anger of what will happen to The Acreage, Loxahatchee and the surrounding areas still feels as fresh and raw as the day it went down. Most of us residents hoped beyond hope and believed that we stood a chance and that our voices, loud and clear, would tell the elected officials that we opposed the Minto West development and the more...


Letter: Minto West, By The Numbers

By at November 7, 2014 | 12:01 am | 1 Comments

The fact that the Palm Beach County Commission passed the Minto West expanded plan underlines their total disdain for existing residents, not only in the immediate central western communities, but the entire county. The Agricultural Enclave legislation which Callery-Judge bought would only give that property a net density of 0.606 units per acre (2,303 units) by more...