Letter: Election A Win For Wellington

The recounting of the votes of the Wellington election, and its revelation that Bob Margolis, Matt Willhite and John Greene won, accurately reflects the fact that voters were disenchanted with Mayor Darell Bowen and the two persons he and his special interest developer were supporting and financing.

Defeating an incumbent is usually a very difficult thing to do, but an experienced, honest Bob Margolis did just that. Matt Willhite won handily because the voters recognized that he was very knowledgeable, dedicated and constantly voted his conscience based on what he felt was best for the community. John Greene, a relative newcomer to our community compared to the others seeking election, was perceived to be honest, intelligent, articulate and objective in his considering what is best for our community.

Hopefully, once they are certified and sworn into office, the bitter political controversy that seems endemic to Wellington will subside, and our representatives can peacefully go about the business of governance they were mandated to do.

This election was extremely important. I believe we can now all work together to protect our quality of life, enjoy a new transparency in government and the elimination of special interest growth, which would have impacted our environment, added traffic congestion, increase governmental costs and decreased our home values.

The results of this unprecedented election is an affirmation that we the citizen voters of Wellington who seek what is best from our elected officials can no longer remain uninterested, distant or detached from what is going on in our town. Complacently “going with the flow” is not the answer. Being active and participating in our government is.

Carmen Paterniti, Wellington